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How to show/hide the copy_node in document_browse_menu

Question asked by janejiao on Dec 12, 2008
Dear All:

I want to show or hide the copy_code action of document_browse_muen action_group according to the permission. So I've modified the web-client-config-actions.xml file as following code:

<!– Copy a document or space to the clipboard, from browse or doc details screens –>
         <action id="copy_node">
               <permission allow="true">Write</permission>
               <param name="ref">#{actionContext.nodeRef}</param>
               <!–<param name="parent">#{NavigationBean.currentNodeId}</param>–>
But the code can't work well.
The "Copy" action always appear under the document_browse_menu action_group.
How to do it?

Best Regards.