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Custom Content Model not working in JBOSS App Server

Question asked by gurusanka on Dec 12, 2008

I had tried to change the default content creation wizard in Alfresco and tried to add new aspects and properties. I was able to do the above with the guidance of the following link in Tomcat Alfresco bundle

But, the same thing when I tried to do in JBoss App Server - Alfresco bundle (, things are not working. I had spent couple of days in resolving this, but no use… I also found that the jar versions are different for Tomcat and JBoss App serverss

Tomcat jars
1. alfresco-repository.jar
2. alfresco-core.jar
3. alfresco-web-client.jar

JBoss App jars
1. repository.jar
2. core.jar
4. web-client.jar

Even the number of classes and the implementation of the classes are totally different among these jars.

Am I doing something wrong? or Am I going in the right direction? can someone help me out please>