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Minimal repository configuration

Question asked by dbevacqua on Sep 4, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2007 by dbevacqua

We're using a modified Alfresco web client for CM, and a webapp with an embedded Alfresco repository for delivery. For the latter, we don't really need most of the services - for example all the content transformation stuff, CIFS server etc. Apart from anything else, the startup time for the full Spring context slows down development a lot. We just need nodeService, personService, the security services and possibly a few others. Has anyone succeeded in getting a minimal config like this? Or perhaps someone has some ideas about how to approach it.

I suppose I could just start with the beans I need and work through the dependencies. A bit laborious, but would get there in the end. I'm looking for something slightly neater if possible, that would be stable wrt changes in the source.

Any thoughts? Would love to be able to develop a bit faster on this superb platform!