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Remote silent install of Office Add-in

Question asked by tailbyr on Dec 12, 2008

We're currently trying to install the Alfresco Office add-in to numerous machines (varying between Office 2003 and 2007) remotely through LANDesk. However, the install never seems to work correctly. Although there are no errors directly reported, when you open Word or Excel on the client machine, the Alfresco toolbar is not available. However, if you go into control panel and the installed applications, and then repair the Office Add-in install, it seems to start working and appears as normal. We've tried both the 2.1.0 Community and 3c versions of the add-in. Our Alfresco server version is 2.9. (Couldn't find a 2.9 version of the client install, does one exist? Have I missed it?)

Ideally we would like to avoid having to visit every machine and install it manually. Has anyone had any experience of installing this add-in remotely and is this a common problem?