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CIFS - Activation only using 'ADMIN' account

Question asked by siquser on Dec 12, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2008 by siquser
We were trying multi-file upload feature and we realized we could use drag-and-drop feature to accomplish that
For that we had to map a network drive pointing as    "\\<My Server Name>A\Alfresco"   <– Please see the word "A" after <My Server Name>

Mapping a network drive was challenging us for authentication, where used passed Alfresco "Admin" account for now


1.  We would not like to share ADMIN Account & password with our customer/users, so is there any other user account that we can creatre, if so what level of permission should we give to this account
2.  If CFIS is not the right option, what other options can we could opt for?