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using Alfresco to manage scanned images

Question asked by mbrando on Dec 14, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2009 by jerarquiadp

I'm looking for a image management solution for a client. Basically they are scanning contracts and invoices. They only OCR a small amount of information form each document for purposes of searching e.g. invoice number, contract number, date, customer contact info… etc. They currently use a home grown system that can correlate the image file generated by the scanner with the OCR data in a customer DB. That way they can search, find an image then print it or view the it.

Can Alfresco be used to manage scan images like this? They manage a few archives for different business units. Some business units have have over 500,000 scans manged. Can Alfresco use different databases for different business units or would be just create  new install for each one?

I saw something here about OCR:

Does it seem reasonable to replace our current OCR with this? Can it do regions only when scanning same type documents?

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