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PHP Template Creation

Question asked by thestorm on Dec 14, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2009 by lahdo
Dear People,

I wasn't able to find a real good documentation on how to create a PHP Share Dashlet. We are currently configuring Alfresco for a company and wanna build up a Template to describe working places (tasks, supervisors, substitutes, …) For this i wanna make a template with an picture showing the working-processes as a picture (UML) then a list that describes (only admin user can edit this list) and a whiteboard where every user can make comments (like a guestbook)

First i looked the freemarker templates but it would be very difficult to do with them also i have no java servlet skills. Then i saw the PHP Integration for Alfresco Labs 3c and installed.

My plan is to make a 2nd database for this template where i write the descr. list and the user entrys into tables and load them every time a user opens one of the template instances.

What i ask you people is not a solution cause i can programm in PHP and SQL. I'm looking for detailed documentation on creating Alfreso PHP Templates (Books or sth. maybe) or hints on similar things that could help us.

Thank you in advance for the help