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Invoking Space Templates

Question asked by stvaruzek on Dec 15, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2008 by stvaruzek
Hi Folks,

I'm evaluating Alfresco for our project and need quick help from you. Basically, what I need is to create different space structure based on user input (scope of project) for similar projects.

I have one project's root folder and there can be from one up to four different sub directories which contain initial project data.
So far, I have created four space templates for each sub directory so I can recreate the structure easily, but it is still a manual process.

I'd like to use a UI wizard where user can just select what to create and consequently all necessary stuff is created. It'd be great if I can keep the information, what to create, in the space templates and invoke them automatically from the wizard, so for further modification, I will only need to touch the templates.

Is there any way, how to invoke the templates? Can you direct me to the right direction? Any code examples are highly appreciated as I need to implement is as quick as possible.