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Question asked by terry.tao on Sep 6, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2007 by terry.tao
Hi, all,

I am glad to meet you in alfresco forum.

I have some question to need your help.

1. email in workflow
Would you please tell me whether email mechanism in alfresco wcm workflow?
If it can, how to implement it?
Is there any material to introduce it?

2. use role in workflow
do you know whether we can set user roles in wcm workflow? how to do it?
Actually when upgrade website, we have some demand to adjust user in alfresco.
If we set user roles, maybe we can realize the demand easily.

3.workflow action on website folder

i have created some folder in my website structure.
do you know whether workflow can applied on particular folder?

if we create web content using web forms, the generated HTML file will be put in partcular folder automatically. i have a requiremnt that every file should be approved before put in the folder.

As i know, the web content submission workflow of web project can set file name pattern. i have do it, but it is failing.
My setting is : /news
"news" is my website folder.

Do you know the failing reason?

Thanks in advance.