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Google Apps tie in

Question asked by ofrxnz on Dec 16, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2008 by ofrxnz
I know one of the long term hurdles to a very smooth workflow in Alfresco has been the ability to click on a link in alfresco, automatically checkout and open, edit, save and version a document in a single natural flow.

So far there has been a fairly steady progression towards this

Webdav and FTP do not checkout or version last i checked

Cifs does not checkout but version

The sharepoint protocol accomplishes about half of what we would like to see, but it is not usable when you click on a link in the alfresco navigator.  When i Jerry rigged links in the navigator to open in sharepoint, they always opened in read only mode.  It appears to be one of Microsoft "features".

I was wondering if it would possible to tie alfresco into Google Apps (or a similar OSS product) for the editing of documents and spread sheets.  Basically, install Google Apps as an inline editor.

So, when one clicked the "edit Online" link, it would checkout, open in Google Apps, save back to Alfresco, and when one either closed the document in google docs or clicked the checking button (user configuable prefrence) it would check-in the document again.

I could see this expanding into plugins throughout google products resulting in tight and smooth integration.  

for example, in Igoogle (or something similar), you could use a recent activities widget to preview a document, and if you have a task assigned, you could click a link that would open it into the web-based document editor. 

I think no matter what the platform, the full functional editor (.doc,.exc,.pdf, .odf, ect…) would be a key feature.

Alfresco could then be marked as being a "one stop shop" as a repository and editor.

Users would only need a browser with JavaScript to do anything they wanted, no desktop editor required. 

I know this begins to risk brand and functionality dilution, sometimes it is best to keep what you do pure, simple and good but maybe this could be handled by a simple connector, or another .WAR application that simply connected back to alfresco using the API.  I just have been unable to find anything that fills the same niche that Google Apps does. 

I wish Open Office had a competitor.  Maybe they do but i just have never seen it.  I know ulteo appears close but i have not played with it.

Maybe OOo and Alfresco could begin some colaberation on "one stop shop" intigration.

either way, i feel it would be an amazing feature.

What do you guys think?