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Anyway to purge a custome dashboard?

Question asked by ofrxnz on Dec 17, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2010 by erikwinlof
I have a share user who keeps loosing his custom dashboard.  When he customizes it and tries to load it surprisingly frequently (but intermittently) he generates a 409 error (in the console). 

Some times it happens when he first sets the custom dashlets, sometimes it happens later on just a random dashboard load. 

The errors are not verbose enough for me to track down, nor are they consistent.  he is the only user generating this.  (will post errors if anyone wants them)

So, when i went to the database to look at his dashboard, It appeared it kept a log of every single change ever made to his dashboard.

Is there a way to safely purge this so i can reduce his dashboard to a blank (and hopefully working) state?

I believe it is in the AVM store somewhere.

Also, while on this note, Is there a generally safe way to delete a node and all its dependencies by node number.  I have a corrupt NTLM user who i cant delete even when i set the <delete="true"> flag in the configuration.  (that's not the proper syntax but it works on any other user but this one)