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matching webapp content to dpeloyment receiver targets

Question asked by decentrix on Sep 7, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2007 by decentrix
I'm using 2.1 and trying to deploy a couple web projects to a file deployment receiver.

The problem is, i can't seem to get each project to deploy to seperate directories.
Both web projects are listed under the ROOT default webapp (option was greyed out to change to anything else). When i deploy one, it goes into the ROOT directory on the receiver. Go to deploy the other and it overwrites the content in that ROOT directory.
In the receiver i have a target of / configured to a particular directory (which has a ROOT directory in it).
I've tried creating webapps underneath the projects and deploying them to a target of the same name, but it still tries to put it under the above ROOT directory.
How do i accomplish this?
I've read the deployment wiki and the deployment receiver readme and still can't figure it out.