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Remove the content type 'content' in the Add conte

Question asked by fif on Sep 9, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2011 by dfernandezgonzalez

I tried to add new types in my model.
So I changed my model (that was ok)
Then I changed the web-client-config-custom to add these new types in the "add content wizard" in the web client.

   <!–  add supinfo types to add content list (add content page)  –>
<config evaluator="string-compare" condition="Content Wizards" replace="true">
      <type name="ls:essential" displaylabelid="essential" />      
      <type name="ls:annex" displaylabelid="annex"/>      
      <type name="ls:exerciseBook" displaylabelid="exerciseBook"/>      
      <type name="ls:slide" displaylabelid="slide"/>      
      <type name="ls:exerciceCorr" displaylabelid="exerciceCorr"/>

It's works but, now when I want to add a new content. i still have the "content" choice in addition of the types described (essential,annex,exerciseBook,…)
And I added the replace="true" attribute  ! ! !

How can I remove it from the web client ?
if you have any idea …  :D
Thanks in advance