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Question asked by sacco on Sep 9, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2008 by protenus
Is there any way in the Web Client to  see the detailed metadata of a previous version
of an asset or (as the is in WCM) to roll-back to a previous version?  I can see only a link to
'view' (in which case I suppose roll-back can be approximated by copying the older version
over the newer, albeit this isn't quite the same thing).

If not, is the older metadat, etc. still available in the repository (but just not exposed
through the Web Client), or has it been over-written?

Finally, is it possible to create a link to a specific version of a document:
a)  in the Web Client;
b)  programatically in the repository.

The motivation behind these questions is that when there is a library of technical
references whaich is maintained to keep the documents up-to-date, there will be
some projects that need to refer to the latest updated version, whereas other will
require to be based upon a specific (fixed) version of a standard.