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Dynamic metadata / hyperlinks

Question asked by peterg on Sep 10, 2007
I work in an organisation that has a history of frequent restructuring and there's probably more of that in our future.

We're keen on moving our intranet and policies and procedures into a CMS. I've come in on the tail end of a project to move it into another CMS but we've found that two of the features the organisation requested and thought they were getting simply aren't in this CMS.

Someone suggested I check out Alfresco. I've had a look through some of the documentation but can't see what I'm looking for.

The two essential features we're seeking are:

1. Automatic renumbering of policies and procedures
If eg. we have

    ER 1.01 Policy on Things
    ER 1.02 Procedure on How to do Stuff
and someone creates a new policy but wants to stick it after 1.01, then we'd want the system to automatically renumber them, based on their positioning, i.e.

    ER 1.01 Policy on Things
    ER 1.02 New Policy on Other Things
    ER 1.03 Procedure on How to do Stuff
Or it might just be that we introduce a new section in ER that should come first, so ER 1 becomes ER 2, like this

    ER 2.01 Policy on Things
    ER 2.02 Procedure on How to do Stuff
I've found a slightly convoluted way to do this in the CMS we're currently playing with but ideally the organisation wants a CMS that was designed with this function.

As I understand it, what this would take is dynamic metadata which generates policy numbers based on eg. parent folder names and the document's position within that folder.

2. Dynamic hyperlinks

Related to point 1 but also relevant elsewhere, we want to be able to reference other documents as hyperlinks, using the other document's name. That is, we want the hyperlink text to change automatically if we change the name of the document it refers to.

Can Alfresco do these?