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Alfreseco Share Integrtation with Office

Question asked by kefka810 on Dec 18, 2008

I am currently using Alfresco Share 3.0 and Office 2003/ I would like these to integrate as closely as possible.

In SharePoint, I believe that you can open a document from the web interface, have it automatically load in the appropriate Office application, make your edits, then click File->Check In (or even File->Save) and it will automatically check in and "upload" the new version. (You may/may not have to put your username/password info in here somewhere, not sure). I guess this could be called an "online edit".

In Alfresco Share, I have to load Office, do File->Open, put http://servername:8080/share in, enter my credentials (if they are not saved), navigate down to the document manager area of my desired site, and then open the file. I then have to click File->Check Out, make edits, then click File->Check In.

The SharePoint way seems to use the web interface as the starting point, while Alfresco Share seems to use Office as the starting point.

My question is: Is there anyway that I can use Alfresco Share and Office in the way that SharePoint and Office work (using the web interface as the starting point).

Thanks for your help,