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Displaying path of current document

Question asked by glitch007 on Sep 10, 2007
I'd like to display the current file's path in parts/breadcrumb.jsp

I've found some code in dialog/document-details.jsp that displays the selected file's path (this is when you click on 'View Details' and the full path is shown just below the breadcrumb)

<div class="mainSubText">
<h:outputText value="#{msg.location}" />: <r:nodePath value="#{DocumentDetailsBean.document.nodeRef}" breadcrumb="true" actionListener="#{BrowseBean.clickSpacePath}" />

The problem is that I can't just copy and paste this code into parts/breadcrumb.jsp  (nothing shows up as a file path)

I'm not really sure about the inner workings of nodePath.  And I'm not sure where to find this in the java files #{DocumentDetailsBean.document.nodeRef}

Would appreciate some advice on this.  Thanks in advance!