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Starting an Advanced Worfklow on a space...

Question asked by theorbix on Sep 11, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2007 by davidc

I've seen that it is possible to define a rule that automatically start a workflow when a document is imported in a Space. This can also be done manually using the Web Client.

But is there a way - using the standard features exposed in the Web Client - to automatically start an Advanced Workflow when a new space is created?

The use case is the following: I'm using the Email Listener add-on to monitor the content of a given email inbox.

When someone sends an email to this address, the Email Listener "captures" the email and stores it in the Alfresco repository (so far, so good…).

But what I would like is that when the mail is saved (as a new Space: this is how the Email Listener add-on works) to the Alfresco repository, a certain advanced workflow is automatically associated to the "email space" containing the email content and then started.

I thought that to achieve this behaviour, it was sufficient to create a new "Start advanced workflow" rule in the space that will contain all the "email spaces" created with the Email Listener, but the Web Client does not seem to offer the possibility of starting advanced workflows with a rule. Is this limitation confirmed?

What do you suggest to bypass the limitation?

I would like to build a POC to demonstrate the feature, so I'm looking for the simplest/fastest way to achieve this result…