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Monitoring the status of an advanced workflow

Question asked by theorbix on Sep 11, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2007 by ale_carraro
Is there a way, in the Web Client UI, to monitor the status of an advanced workflow?

The use case is the following: when creating a workflow, it should be possible to nominate one or more users that can "monitor" the execution of the workflow and eventually take action on each workflow step on behalf of the actual owner of the step.

The monitor capability can be useful if a team manager wants to have a list of all workflows processed by the people in his team, the status of each workflow and so on.

The feature should also allow the monitor to pause, stop or resume a worfkow, or to reassign a certain workflow step to another user.

As far as I've seen, these features are not present in the Web Client UI. Correct, or the feature is hidden somewhere?

And in case this is a confirmed UI limitation, has anyone in the Community developed a "workflow monitoring" feature, as described above?