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Question asked by skorde on Dec 23, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2008 by zaizi
Hi Friends

I need your help in finding solution to the following problems. Appreciate your response at the earliest.

We are implementing Alfresco content management system (based on Java, REST, Spring, Hibernate, WebScript, JSF, in our company. It provides OpenSearch that lets one search Wiki, Google, Yahoo, current Alfresco repository. We have a strong requirement to search our file systems also, files that are not uploaded on Alfresco repository but are on windows drive like G:\ drive, X:\ drive, etc.

Problem 1
If somebody has worked on Alfresco or OpenSearch and can let me know how we can search local file system as mentioned above within Alfresco. Even if you do not know within Alfresco, results returned in XML from OpenSearch are sufficient for us as we know how to render the output from XML in OpenSearch results.

We are trying Apache Nutch to resolve this issue. We are struck at a point wherein we are not able to authorise the file access based on permission through this search. We want to know if using some java api we can fetch member list having access on a particular file. e.g: Tarun Kapoor has RW access on Test.doc then for Test.doc it should return user Tarun Kapoor with RW access. Remember, Tarun Kapoor is an Active Directory user.