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Tell AWC to use a particular child-assoc as folder?

Question asked by hbf on Sep 13, 2007
Dear all,

Is there a plan to add to Alfresco a feature like the following: For each content-type, I can specify a particular child-association of this content-type to be represented as folders in the GUI? The web-client would then display my content-type as a folder (just as the cm:contains association of cm:folder isrendered as folders).

This would also concern CIFS (and probably other parts of the system?).

Just an idea, tell me what you think,

P.S. I am bringing this up because at the moment only cm:folder and its subtypes can profit from AWC's/CIFS's hierarchy management (copy&paste, etc.). However, quite often one needs a custom conten-type hierarchy and when one of these custom types needs to have "folder capabilities", it cannot have them because it most probably is not inherited from cm:folder but from another, custom class.