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Deployment is successfull but nothing appears on the server

Question asked by ruipacheco on Sep 13, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2007 by kvc
Hi all

I've setup Alfresco, WCM and the Deployment Receiver on my local machine.
I uploaded a small html website, no more than 10 pages with a few hundred images and a couple of css files.

I have the Deployment Receiver running locally, from a subfolder on the Alfresco folder and all appears to be good.

My problem is, when I deploy the website, Alfresco signals the deployment as successfull, nothing appears on the Receiver's logs but I can't see anything on the target folder defined on the application-context.xml file. Alfesco's logs also don't show anything.

I've reviewed the configuration files and they all seem to be good, but apart from that I don't know how to diagnose whats going on.

Any help is more than welcome.