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Authentication when calling a method

Question asked by fgeorges on Dec 29, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2008 by vsuarez

I try to call a service method from SoapUI.  So I call startSession on the authentication service first, then I use the ticket to create the WS-Security header for the method I want to call.  The header looks like:

     <wsse:Security xmlns:wsse=""
            <wsse:Password Type="">TICKET_xxxxx</wsse:Password>

But I get an exception:

         <faultstring>WSDoAllReceiver: The timestamp could not be validated</faultstring>

How should I use the token to create the header?  What should I use as timestamps?  I didn't find any simple example that didn't use some API (Java, .NET…) instead of showing the SOAP messages themselves.

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