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How to extend Alfresco?

Question asked by agey on Dec 29, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2011 by yaziderman
Hi all,

I need some help please as I have some doubts on how I can extend Alfresco :shock: :

I need to develop an application to manage dossiers composed by a set of documents and information as metadata related to these dossier. I have thought about creating each dossier as  an Alfresco's space where I can save the scanned documents belonging to each dossier. For the information, instead of using the metadata of the dossier (Alfresco's space) I have thought of extending Alfresco's database with new tables because we would have many and  different types of information to store. When a dossier is created, first a space would be created in Alfresco to contain the documents of the dossier and on the other hand, the information should be written in the new tables of the database (as I said we would need to store too much to keep it as metadata). A workflow process would be defined to approve dossiers for different departments based on a set of conditions. These conditions should be configurable since they can change at any time. My doubts are:

- Which is the best way to perform this? Must I use the WebService and / or WebScripts to integrate Alfresco with a new web application that we would need to develop? Or shall we  create Alfresco's new modules with the new functionalities and  integrate them in the jsp code of the Alfresco pages we can develop and adapt?

- How does Alfresco connect to the database? Is there any documentation I can check to see how I can expand Alfresco's db adding new tables and accessing them from the Alfresco Application?

I would be grateful for any help or indicate of how I should do it. I got quite lostnow as this is stoping our development now

Thank you very much in advance.