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Italian language and missing features

Question asked by robbiefpi on Sep 15, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2007 by robbiefpi
I can't find shelf and category management under admin console..There are two icons but no functions linked to them.
I didn't understand why because the dashlets with  shelf.jsp and category jsp

are in the right path of alfresco installation

But then I tried to switch the language and…

As I'm Italian, I selected italian as language at the login session and there is this problem.


If I log to alfresco by English language,
it is all ok. I can see the shelf dashlet and category and user management.

As I must use italian language for alfresco in my intranet company,

then there are corrections to do to italian pack that I will do but I need the missing functions as other english users of Alfresco

what can I do to add these missing items in Italian language?

it seems a "light" edition of alfresco If I choose Italian

Please where is the problem?