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Mediawiki editing on Alfresco throws an error for images

Question asked by siquser on Dec 30, 2008

Mediawiki and Alfresco are integrated; I got the following error while I was eidting the page in Mediawiki. I was trying to add an image to the page. I didn't put the proper name - just added exmaple image (don't have image yet) and saved the page.

Internal error
Database schema not up to date, please run maintenance/archives/patch-image_name_unique.sql


I found the above specified file and copy and pasted the SQL code and ran it but it said it didn't find the Alfresco.image table. I relealized that Mediawiki integration modified the names of the tables to included the following prefix


So I tried to add the above prefix in the SQL script and I ran it. I'm getting the same error even though I followed the instructions

What am I missing?