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Alfresco only or Alfresco + Liferay?????

Question asked by txakin on Sep 17, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2007 by kvc
Hi to all….

I´m new in Alfresco, then i don´t know so much about it.

I would like to create one Web Content Management System to administrate my Web Portal and show diferent contents; and one Document Management Handler to share all kind of documents with all the users in my database (PDF, RTF, DOC, OCR….. + WorkFlow)

I can read some posts, and a lot of people are using Alfresco + LifeRay or Alfresco + JBoss Portal…… does it means Alfresco doesn´t offer one CMS to administrate the Web Portal and only offers one Document Management Handler…….or if i integrate Alfresco with LifeRay or JBoss Portal i will get more options?????

I would like to know which one will be the best option, before i will start to make my application. I would like to know too, which are the pros and the problems i can find…..

Thanks in advance, and i wait your help.