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Implementing a parallel submission workflow OR vs. AND

Question asked by fmurialdo on Sep 18, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2007 by davidc
The default WCM workflow in Alfresco "Web Site Submission (Submit changes for approval)" implements a parallel submission process
where all the people mentioned in the group have to give their approval in order for the item to become approved. (AND)
I am trying to tweak the workflow in order to have anybody in the group approving transitioning the item to the Approved state. (OR)

I modified the default submit_processdefinition.xml along the following guidelines:

   <join name="joinparallelreview">
        <event type="node-enter">
                node.nOutOfM = 1;
        <transition to="endreview" />


   <decision name="endreview">
       <transition name="rejected" to="rejected" />
       <transition name="approved" to="onapprove">
           <condition>#{wcmwf_approveCnt == 1}</condition>

However it doesn't seem to be sufficient and keeps requiring everybody in the group to approve.
Anybody tried successfully or knows what is missing/wrong?