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Cannot edit HTML content in WYSIWIG editor

Question asked by tvars on Sep 18, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2008 by rscheele

I'm trialling the Alfresco community edition 2.1 + WCM and I have a problem when editing html content for a Web Project. I can create the content in the WSYWIG editor fine. However, when I try to edit it by clicking on the edit icon next to it, I get the message "   
To edit the file 'test.html', click the link below and if asked select Save." instead of the WSYWIG editor. I can't edit the content on the web browser. It's as though Alfresco can't work out that I can edit the content type in the browser.

When I create HTML content outside of a web project (e.g. in a normal Space) I works fine.

Any clues? Thanks for your help.