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how to associate user's comments to a content

Question asked by sapo on Jan 2, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2009 by sapo
Hi everyone,

I need some help in this. It's about an architectural matter in a project that I'm involved.

I need to create a content type called News, which it'll have three fields (title,
subtitle and body). Registered Users can make comments about these News in Alfresco's generated web portal (like classic user comments in blogs). These Users aren't Alfresco users, they belong to the web portal generated by Alfresco. In addition, user commments are not visible until, let's say, a "Comment Revisor" verifies and aprove it. Besides, I have a defined workflow which take care about comment aproval (it can be rejected if inappropiate language is used, for example).

I have the following doubts:
1) It's convenient to represent comments a as new Content type?. In this case every time that a Comment is created, we need to call an Alfresco Service from the web portal to create a new content of type Comment.

2) It's covenient to represent web portal's users as a new Content type, so I can associate them to a news's comments?. If the answer is no, the following question appears. An association between a content type and a database row it's possible?. In this way the could associate the Comment content type and a web portal User that resides in our database.

Greetings and thanks in advance.