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Document assembly aspects

Question asked by bjorn_r on Sep 18, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2007 by bjorn_r

I have developed a solution where the users can compose composite documents by choosing content items in a drag 'n’ drop UI. The selected documents are automatically converted to PDF by the JODConverter in Alfresco. The resulting PDFs are then processed by my portlet, which uses iText to create a single document with cover, TOC, etc.

In the current version, the composition data is stored in a separate database and Alfresco is only used as a content store. I would prefer to have the model in Alfresco, but I do not know how.

My thinking goes something like this:
* Create an aspect for nodes that can constitute a part.
* Create an aspect for nodes that can act as containers.
* Use a multi-value property in the aspect for the containers to handle the Many-to-Many relationship.

Am I on the right track?