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Display trouble folders in joomla with component

Question asked by khyron on Jan 5, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2009 by johanjanssens
hi everyone

I have a couple of questions for you and hopefully you can help me out with them.

I have installed alfresco lab 3 in OpenSuse 11.1 , with a mysql database version 5.O.67
I have installed joomla with apache2 and php version 5.2.6

I also downloaded the Joomla & Alfresco Integration component and I installed it as a Joomla extension with no problems.
In Joomla adminisration´s console, specifically in components>Afresco I added Alfresco data

Name:  Alfresco_test
Server: http://myserverdireccion:8080/alfresco
Share: http://myserverdireccion:8080/share
Username: admin
Password: admin
Published: yes

In menu> main menu i added a new entry and at Internal link >Alfresco>Repository >Spaces
In menu item details I added the information about link´s name.
In selected space i choose Alfresco_test which is the name i gave to it, as i show you in the configuration above.

Well…so far so good, the problem occurs when i am in joomla and i click the link that i´ve created. Right there the system shows the next text:

Company Home
Name                  Description
title; ?>                  Site Collaboration Spaces
title; ?>                  The guest root space
title; ?>                  User Homes
title; ?>                  Web Content Management Spaces

If i place the mouse over title; ?> it swows me the next web address

If i click the link an error shows up saying:
404 object not found

Is there any step or configuration that i´ve missed here?

Thanks a lot for your help in this case.

Best Regards