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Problem reading webproject content using web service

Question asked by ponson on Sep 19, 2007
Hi Andy,

I am trying to retrive xml contents from web projects using web service.

When trying to execute the following query,

Store STORE = new Store("avm", "DmlTest");
String pathQuery="PATH:\"*\"";
Query queryCategory = new Query("lucene", pathQuery);
QueryResult queryResultCat = repositoryService.query(STORE, queryCategory, false);

I am getting the following result:

{}store-protocol : avm
{}modifier : admin
{}name : www
{}node-dbid : 2082
{}modified : 2007-09-14T12:07:04.232+05:30
{}owner : admin
{}created : 2007-09-14T12:07:04.232+05:30
{}store-identifier : DmlTest
{}node-uuid : UNKNOWN
{}creator : admin
{}path : /{}www

I wanted to search within this "cm:www" space. So i issued the following query.

String pathQuery="PATH:\"/cm:www/*\"";

This returns no result. Can you suggest me any ideas?
I am sure that i have another space called "cm:avm_webapps" under "cm:www".