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How to use JSP UI for alfresco

Question asked by javauser007 on Jan 6, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2009 by zaizi
Hi friends,
I'm new to Alfresco. And i'm using the alfresco 3.0 version.
After doing/reading some documents on alfresco i have started working on it.
Now i stucked where the point is,
I have a sample servlet/jsp application where i have the options like search, upload, download.
Now i want to connect this application to alfresco. what my requirement is we have a separate User-Interface for the users.
So we want to connect the alfresco through our user-interface. I don't know how to achieve this.Is ther any API for acheiving this, or we should customize the existing one. And plz tell me where i can get the source code(java code) for alfresco 3.0.
Any solution is appriciated. Please give any url for sample applications/POC…

thanks in advance,

Alfresco user.