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SURF, Portlet Runtime and RequestContext

Question asked by deas0815 on Jan 6, 2009
Hallo everybody,

we are evaluating Alfresco WCM (community 3c) for a portal based  website.

We began based on the WSF 1.5 sample website and built some webforms and some webscripts for
deliverying rendered HTML to the portal.

We backed off  from SURF on our first approach as it seemed to be too big and has objects  "conflicting"
with the portal (i.e. navigation, pages).

Now, as web-studio arrived we started looking at SURF again. :) It seems "possible" to use it even for a portal
based website, but I still have some questions:

Assuming the portal uses WebScriptPortlet and the Portlet  Runtime,  I wonder how to create the model objects. The RequestContext
object does not seem to be  available in the Portlet Runtime - It looks tightly coupled to the HttpServletRequest required  to obtain
to model Objects (Page, Component etc.)

How and where can/should I make the framework create these objects in a portlet/portal environment ?

The SURF Framework does not seem to be designed to be running in the web-client - Trying to create the objects obviously is
the wrong approach.

Are there any best practices/suggestions for buildling a  portal based alfresco wcm backed application ?