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Problemens running Alfresco PHP API 2.1

Question asked by diegoboris on Jan 6, 2009
I´m new to ALfresco PHP Library, I have downloaded the version 2.1 from the wiki
and tried to run the Query Executer example but in vain.
(I'm running php 5.x)..
The problem I found was in the line ….foreach ($session->getStores() as $store)…..more
specifically in …$session->getStores()…it seems someone is getting hanged running it (be the
Apache or the RepositoryService)…though I got authenticated since I could print the session 's ticket..No errors are shown in the Alfresco and Apache logs.
The same happens when I try to access the CompanyHome via
$spacesStore = new SpacesStore($session);
// problem in here but no error shown in any log..either Apache nor Tomcat
$compHome = $spaceStore->getCompanyHome();
Could you give me a hand!!!!!