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Restricting 'people find'

Question asked by kvaes on Jan 7, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2017 by nwali
Is it possible to restrict "regular" users from finding other people?

Practical Example/Scenario
-> One Share Instance
—> Site A for Customer A
——-> Contact 1 from Customer A
——-> Contact 2 from Customer A
——-> …
—> Site B for Customer B
——-> Contact 1 from Customer B
——-> Contact 2 from Customer B
——-> …

Yet we wouldn't like that Customer A is aware of Customer B. So is it possible to restrict the people find that customers don't see eachother.  I already found out how I can restrict the site search for this (by settings the folder rights in /alfresco), yet I'm puzzled how I can restrict the people find.

Thanks in advance for your help!