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Problem with secondary parent associations in cluster

Question asked by francescof on Sep 21, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2007 by derek

I have a problem with parent associations in my clustered setup (Alfresco 2.1 Community on a JBoss 4.0.5 2-node cluster): newly created nodes and their (primary) parent associations are replicated correctly. Secondary parent assocs are not. look like this in 2.1 Community Final (line s from 990 to 1003):

            for (Long parentAssocId : parentAssocIds)
                ChildAssoc parentAssoc = (ChildAssoc) getSession().get(ChildAssocImpl.class, parentAssocId);
                if (parentAssoc == null)
                    // The cache is out of date, so just repopulate it
                    parentAssoc = null;

I suppose the assigment "parentAssoc = null" should be "parentAssocs = null" and, if I'm right, that typo prevents assocs that are no longer in the DB from being expired from cache. What I can't figure out is whether this bug also influences correct propagation of new secondary child associations to other cluster nodes.

I also found a JIRA issue related to this part of the code:

Any ideas?

(Please note that after a fresh restart of the cluster I can see all the associations from all of the nodes.)