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Session retainment problem

Question asked by kwantm on Sep 21, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2007 by kwantm

I am building a site with WCM technologies. I have a rudimentary site and it works fine in the virtual tomcat in preview mode.

Iam very content using this technology BUT I have one problem. When I use the trails breadcrumb library which works very easy. Keys are stored into the session and retrieved from session during the lifecylce of my application session (i.e. the time Iam using the application). This solution is non evasive regarding my code base.

My problem
When I run my webapp in the virtual tomcat environment the session variables are not presistent. When I navigate from page to page the session refreshes/is created new.

When I run my webapp in a standalone tomcat, the breadcrumb works fine, the session is maintained throughout.

How can I get the virtual-tomcat in alfresco to retain my variables in the session while iam using my application??

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ps. If you need to know more, i can try to give you this.