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space link to another space

Question asked by mvotzi on Jan 8, 2009
During a proof of concept I got following requirement:
More than 1 reference-numer or record id should be used for a set of content, e.g.

refernce 4711 contains documents (a, b, c)
reference 4712 should point to the same documents as reference 4711.
reference 4713 contains douments (x, y, z)
reference 4714 and 4715 point to the same documents as reference 4713

The ideal space structure for User A would be
4711 (a,b,c)
4713 (x,y,z)
The ideal space tructure for User B would be
4712 (a,b,c)
4714 (x,y,z)

I have no idea how to implement this requirement in alfresco.
I thought about aspects, but multiple occurences of 1 aspect are not possible.
Any hint for a possible solution in alfresco is welcome.

Best regards