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Comparison to Joosco

Question asked by jshorb on Jan 8, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2009 by johanjanssens
First of all, thanks for a great product. I installed it (and short of the short php bug that another forum discussed) it worked flawlessly. There is some discussion about logging people into Alfresco. I looked into Joosco and didn't know what the difference is. They use a plugin to log users straight into Alfresco. I imagine it does not use CMIS, but I was wondering if their plugin could be used in tandem with this Alfresco integration?

Secondly: I use a modification of the Beez template. It has a fairly narrow article center. Does anyone have a nice template that works well with the Alfresco integration? I would rather not use the generic Joomla! templates and wanted to see if anyone has a favorite one that looks professional.


Development site: (It is a living textbook for Chemical Education, I am a member of the Chemical Education Group at U. Wisc. at Madison.)