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Creating new content... without content.

Question asked by theorbix on Jan 11, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2009 by pmonks
Is it possible - via API - to create a new document object and store the metadata values in the Alfresco Repository, but attach the file of the document only at a later time?

Let me explain…

The standard "Add Content" wizard of the Web Client allows to import new documents in the repository, and enter the associated metadata.

The wizard is designed in a way that uploading the file to be stored is the first step of the wizard, and it's a mandatory step. Makes sense.

But I'm designing a custom application (with a custom user interface, so I'm not concerned about limitations of Web Client) in which users should behave as follows:

1) Ask to create a new document
2) Enter a certain set of mandatory metadata (title, date, subject, destination, category)
3) The application will generate a unique document ID, based on the metadata entered by the user. A label printer will print the unique DocID and the document date on a label, in barcode format
4) The "document profile" information at this point is stored permanently in the repository
5) At a later time, documents are scanned, and imported in another batch application that automatically recognizes the DocID and automatically stores the file in the repository, associating it with the "empty profile record" created earlier during the day.

Is this design feasible?

Some other document management systems allow for two types of content: electronic documents (that have files associated) and paper documents (records without files associated), but do not allow to create a paper document and then transform it in an electronic document.

I'm wondering if Alfresco is more flexible from this point of view…