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Audit feature... how does it work?

Question asked by theorbix on Jan 12, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2009 by andy
I've just finished reading the wiki page that describes the Audit features of Alfresco (

I've some doubts… I wonder if someone with experience in this area may clarify:

1) Where is audit information stored? In the RDBMS?

2) Is it possible to configure the Audit feature to track each event that occurs to a given document stored in the repository (eg. keep track of information about the user, time and date in which the document is updated, a version is stored, the document is displayed, etc.)?

3) If the naswer to 2 is yes, is it possible to enable/disable this feature based on the content type (that is: I would like to track all events related to document of a certain content type, but not for others)?

Thanks in advance…