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Kudos & Is it right for my intranet?

Question asked by franke on Sep 25, 2007
This is my first post, so I'll take the opportunity to say that this really seems to be an excellent application, and I appreciate the level of support I've seen in these forums. I'm looking forward to use Alfresco.

I do have some doubts tough, as to whether it would be overkill for the project I have right now.

We intend to build some sort of Intranet news publishing board and basic file sharing.

Mostly, there would be "seasonal rates" and "sales agreements" published by Directors and Team Leaders towards team members and some light file sharng in the form of "quota templates", "rates tables" and things like that.

The number of users goes from 10 to 15.

Now, having not tested Alfresco yet, I have this questions in mind:

A) Being so powerful as it looks, will Alfresco turn out to be too complex for what our basic goal justifies. (you know, lazy users…)

B) Is it too resource intensive? We could only dedicate a rather humble system to it where a couple more light services are running right now.

Thanks in advance!