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FSR deployment giving problems!!

Question asked by power on Jan 13, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2009 by g_rathod

I have my deployer on linux machine its  alfresco 2.2.1 (sp1) deployer.
My alfresco is on my local windows XP machine. and my deployer is on Linux Machine running apache tomcat 6 with deployed war.
I run deployer on linux. and trying to connect my local machine to linux server, it gives me port problems even I changed many ports in  file.

I tried changing RMI port 40400 to 40402/3/4/5
I tried to change service port from 40401 to 40403/4/5

everytime I got the same error on linux deployer that port is already in use. Even though it is not binded on linux.
Any suggestion ?

even my firewall on linux is off.