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Your Experience with Alfresco

Question asked by p+l on Sep 26, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2007 by mjasay
We're doing some research for a potential client and they would like to know more about Alfresco, hoping this forum will help answer some if not all of their questions.

First of all if anyone is available for a one-on-one phone or email conversation about your experience good/bad with Alfesco's Document Management (DM) and/or Web Content Management (WCM) please let me know it won't take long and would really help them make up their minds. We sat through two webinars and had several back and forth conversations with Alfresco's Sales/Technical team, but would like to hear this out of horses mouth so to speak.

2nd - They asked an odd but a very good question: They wanted to know if anyone has been using Alfresco, but then stopped–what was your reason for dumping Alfresco? (I realize this is probably not the best place to get an answer for this question, but nevertheless…)

Any other points of reference that may help me are of course welcome,