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Versioning of directories

Question asked by hbf on Sep 27, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2007 by hbf
Dear all,

I would be very glad to receive some clarifications concerning directories and versioning:

1. Versioning for directories is implemented, right?  I just have to apply "cm:versionable" to them, correct?

2. "cm:versionable" in case of a directory means that the directory's list is versioned. So one version may have children {A,B,C} and the next version might have children {B,C,D}. Right? I took this from here but hope it's still valid?

3. Where can I find additional information about how versioning of child-associations (that's what cm:folder's cm:contains is) works in detail? For instance, if a versioned directoy (one in the version history, not the current one) has children {A,B} and A is not versioned and B is versioned, then the reference to A is just a link and the reference to B is a link to a particular version of B (namely the version of B that was the current one when the directory was archived). For the latest version of the directory (the current one), *both* A and B are references that automatically point to the *latest* versions of A and B, respectively. Is this true?

4. How can I see the version history of a directoy in the Alfresco Web Client? How can I revert it to a previous version? The Web Client shows the version history only for files and not for spaces.

5. How do versioned directories relate to "cm:versionable"? Is this going to be an *additional* feature or is it going to replace the current behaviour of "cm:versionable"?

Many thanks,