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Question asked by renspr on Sep 27, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2007 by renspr
Hi everyone,

group ids within Alfresco are unique, even if structured within sub-groups. That means if I have a group A and a group B (on the same level), I can not have a subgroup of A named B! I think this is very limiting.

We are developing a course and learning management solution based on Alfresco for a large university. For each course space we create a "learners" and a "staff" group. Because this groups have to be unique we prefix the group names with a course identifier and a semester id. For example the staff group for the course "w121325" in semester "ws0708" will be named: "ws0708.w121325.staff". This way we only can create "root" groups. But I would like to use subgroups:

     -> w121325
    |         |
    |         -> staff
    |         |
    |         -> learners
    -> w231214
              -> staff (won't work)
              -> learners (won't work)
This actually won't work because "learners" and "staff" have to unique. So Alfresco supports the concept of groups within groups but requires the group id to be unique. This makes not really sense to me. I would suggest that the id of a subgroup is something like a concatenation with the parent groups (like the way we do this manually) or identified by it's path.

I would like to know if there something on the roadmap to address this?

Best regards, René