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Alfresco authenticate against domain or servername? (AD2003)

Question asked by tpeelen on Sep 27, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2007 by gary.spencer
Hi All,

Sometimes I get Alfresco up and running to authenticate & sync against AD2003 (Web Client). However, I get a question from the IT department:

"Does Alfresco authenticate against the domain (and find the AD itself) or against a configured named server."

We use JAAS/Kerberos on RedHat5, Java1.5, Alfresco 2.1.0 EE against AD2003

I can see KDC and admin_server mentioned in krb5.conf, and pointing to a single servername. Is this the clue I need? I am not that much into (windows) security….

Thanks in advance!