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Your opinion wanted for use of web services.

Question asked by kumbach on Sep 27, 2007
Hi everyone. I would like to run some ideas by everyone to discuss how I'm planning on using the Alfresco web service API. I hope to receive some suggestions and/or just learn if it is in good practice.

We are planning on setting up a repository with approximately 80,000 spaces. Each space will be named after a person and will hold documents relating to them. Each space will also contain sub-spaces to categorize different types of documents.

Each of these spaces needs to be accessed by staff members in various manners. Most will have no access. Some will be read only. Others will be able to read, add, or edit documents. These permissions can change daily.

I have data in an external database that can provide a master list of spaces and the people than should have access to them.

So, I was thinking of writing a program that uses the web service API to update the spaces and refresh their permissions on a nightly schedule.

The program would create new spaces as the list changes. It would also update the permissions for each space based on the info in the database.

What do you think? Is this a good use for using the web services?

Any comments on whether updating this number of spaces within a timeframe of a few hours in the evening is practical?

We will have a fairly powerful server running Alfresco 2.1 enterprise.

Any feedback or alternative solution ideas would be greatly appreciated.